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6 Responses to The Very 1st Car of the Year: ’49 Cadillac

  1. Bob Smith says:

    is this car for sale or trade? very interested, thank you…. Bob

  2. Bob Smith says:

    Is this car for sale or trade ? Very interested, any info please email me, Thank you Bob– ( )

    • mint2me says:

      I originally posted this on my site from an eBay listing back in 2013. I am sorry to say that it probably found a home soon after. Mint is a dead end but I do hope you keep looking for it. Looks like a wonderful example!

  3. The fast back caddie even holds up well today. What a beautiful car that segues what America stood for after WWII. Big, boldly brash and beautiful !!

  4. Richard says:

    Just love the years from 1941 to 1949 had both with a 1948

  5. Brian says:

    Very pretty car and the first year of the Cadillac overhead valve V8!

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