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How neat is it… : ’72 SAAB Sonett


A bunch of SAAB engine designers and enthusiasts formed a limited research-and-development team to build a small sports car, with a total budget of only 75,000 kroner. It became known as the Sonett, a name derived from the Swedish phrase Så nätt den är – How neat is it. The Sonett 1 – only six were made. The Sonett II had better success building 258 units. They felt they were limiting the market by using the 2-stroke engine so plans were rushed into play to adapt Ford’s V-4 engine for the next version. SAAB Sonett72saabsonettengThe next version, no one was happy with because the engine hood had a huge bubble to accommodate the V-4. It was off center so the driver could see straight ahead. The crazy Americans liked it and the Sonett had a loyal following. The Sonett does have some unique features like a fiberglass body, high back buckets, roll bar, and front wheel drive. The Sonett III was designed by Coggiolo and modified to fit the current chassis. It actually looks interesting today, particularly the pre-73 versions with normal sized bumpers. And that is what we have here to day. It is an original 97,000 mile car in a recently refinished Bright Orange. The interior is believed to be original and that is amazing. This is one pretty nice Sonett. You won’t see many others at local shows so ownership comes with an air of exclusivity. Valuations on these are a bit all over the map. SCM has a #1 car selling for $15,000 and Hagerty a bit less generous at $11,000. That’s FIAT X1/9 pricing. We are curious to see who’ll step up for this one, one of the nicest we’ve seen. Read more at the eBay auction.
SAAB Sonett

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  1. Rick Glefke says:

    My dad had the Sonett II with the V-4 Ford engine. It was a really cool looking car!

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