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Looks Like Someone Bought it…We know, it’s Plum Mist: ’67 Pontiac Safari

Pontiac Safari

We’ve had a Woodie before – a real one but this is our first Vinyl Woodie. After they stopped making real Woodies for practical reasons, they began making fake ones called “Tin Woodies”. We like to think wagons built in the 50s are true Tin Woodies. But these Vinyl-clad beasts from the late 60s might fall into that category. They are quite popular now as boomers age and remember being carted around in them in the rear facing seats. Pontiac Safari1967PontiacSafariWagon enWe were drawn to this listing originally because it is a low mileage, all original car in a nice color. It has some great little accessories like a Pontiac Compass. And although it is not confirmed the car came with them, they have those great 8-lug Pontiac wheels – all 5! So how do I know it is original and in Plum Mist? Because the seller repeats it about 150 times in his semi-insane description of the car (in plum colored type). Wear sunglasses or something if you go to the auction because you will become certifiably insane thinking about Plum Mist for the rest of the day. And you’ll remember the name of the original owner – Mr. Cole, hoping it will become a Jeopardy question one day. Really! Be warned! But it is a neat car for not a ton of money. Read the eBay auction on this Plum Mist Pontiac purchased originally by Mr. Cole by clicking here.1967PontiacSafariWagon re

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