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One for the price of two: ’56 Continental MK II

Continental MK 2

The new Continental was not intended to be the largest nor the most powerful automobile; rather, the most luxurious and elegant American car available, designed to recapture the spirit of the great classics of the prewar period—with prices to match. The Mark II’s inspiration was the celebrated V12-powered Lincoln Continentals of the 1940s. It was never to be known as a Lincoln but a separate division. However it was sold through Lincoln dealers and used many Lincoln parts. Go figure. Continental MK 2The Continental was a very special car. The styling, done in-house by John Reinhart and engineered by Gordon Beuhrig, was devoid of excess chrome. It was almost European in design. And the cost at over $10,000 was equal to a Rolls or 2 Cadillacs. It was embraced by the Hollywood elite with Sinatra, Liz Taylor and Elvis on the list of owners. But this exclusivity came at a price. Ford was said to lose a $1000 for every car sold – and roughly 3,000 were sold. Half are said to survive including today’s example. Originally owned by Roger Hornsby, of the baseball hall-of-fame. Elegant in black with 2-tone blue/grey leather interior with the A/C option. The trim is said to be in good shape – important because pieces are hard to find. Asking price is $28,000. Check the Hagerty Icon for their statistics.



For more information and to contact the seller Click here for the Craigslist ad.Continental MK 2

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