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Elder Statesman: ’51 Nash Airflyte Statesman

Nash Airflyte Statesman

We are fascinated by these cars. Fascinated doesn’t mean we actually want one but we understand why someone would. These were revolutionary cars using monocoque construction making them the strongest, most stable cars on the road. Coil springs at all four corners made it smoother riding than the competition. The design was sculpted by what they knew about aerodynamics back then. But it looked like a throat lozenges. Nash Airflyte StatesmanThat’s why it caused such a fuss. It had so many unique features but it wasn’t enough to save the Airflyte. In 1951 (like our featured car), they added rear fenders that tried to make it look more “normal” but the damage was done. The featured Airflyte was the subject of a complete restoration and finished in a 2-tone Sea Foam Green. The interior is really wonderful, full of period design elements – lots of chrome and beautiful type-design on the gauges. There aren’t too many comps readily available but we think you’re going to buy this car for less than the cost of the restoration. Look at the detailed photos on eBay by clicking here.Nash Airflyte Statesman

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