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Hollywood Connection: ’67 Jaguar XKE Series 1.5 FHC

Jaguar XKE

Like the OTS XKE that precedes this offering, there are 3 letters that further define what this car is – in this case FHC. Well, FHC refers to a Fixed Head Coupe. Why Brits called roofs heads is another matter. We have nothing against OTS E-Types but we prefer the closed FHC. It is the perfect expression of the design that has captivated owners and defined an era of British sports cars.
This is one sleek cat. And this listing from a friend in the Jaguar Club of North America, is just so wonderful. You don’t see that many red E-Types and it looks wonderful. 1967 Jag series 1.5 roofAnd black is the perfect choice for the interior and we wish we had a photo of that. An electric sliding sunroof is rae and we believe that is a custom installation. Most sunroof FHC are the Wabesto type and not steel sliding. If we are wrong, we are sure someone will let us know. This is an extremely low mileage car and that’s exciting. Everything works according to the seller including the original radio. Somehow working radios and clocks demonstrate how well the owner cares about how things work. If you ever wanted a killer Jaguar, this may be your time. You’ll need to reach the seller as this is a private sale and not an auction.  The asking price is $65,000.  To contact the seller click on the icon – –  – Seller info

Jaguar XKE


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