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The first kink: ’69 BMW 2000 Sedan

BMW 2000

During the 1950s, BMW made luxury cars with displacements of two litres or greater, economy cars, powered by motorcycle engines, and motorcycles. With their luxury cars becoming increasingly outdated and unprofitable, BMW needed a car in the 1.5 to 2 litre class to become competitive. In 1960, the Quandt Family invested heavily in BMW, and gained a controlling interest in the company. That year, the “Neue Klasse” project was begun. Led overall by Fritz Fiedler, the project had Eberhard Wolff in charge of chassis design, Wilhelm Hofmeister, in charge of styling and body engineering, and Alex Von Falkenhausen in charge of engine design. The team was to produce a new car with a new engine; BMW had not done this since 1933. Wilhelm Hofmeister was responsible for that unique design feature – a small cutout of the rear side windows on the C-pillar of the car –  known as the Hofmeister KInk and still exists on BMWs to this day. BMW 2000 InTodays find, submitted by Michael M. is the result of the Neue Klasse initiative. It is a ’69 2000 sedan so it is the most developed of the Klasse that began with a 1500cc M-10 engine. They were sold here in the US although not in large numbers. But it did begin to change the way people thought about BMW. This one is a 1-owner car until last year. It is mechanically sound having had a engine refresh performed by the original owner. It is an automatic and that takes it down a notch on the fun scale but the rest of it seems pretty solid. The seller repainted the car in its original color and added a white roof to add “class”. Not so sure it makes any difference. If you are looking to get into a neat looking sedan that handles like nobody’s business, this may make an interesting choice. See the eBay listing by clicking here.BMW 2000


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