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Another John DeLorean idea: ’76 Cosworth Vega

Cosworth VegaThe Chevy Vega was a real disaster for GM. We’re not sure they even get an A for effort. The aluminum engines were problematic. But John D. had an idea on how to perk up sales. He hired Cosworth in England to develop a killer cylinder head. One might say they were successful. By the time it came to market in ’75, it was way off the horsepower target and the package price hit $6,000. But the buff books loved it. We’ve never driven one so we can’t say what impact Chevy’s ad budget had on the magazines’ opinion. Let’s just say they are every bit as competent as the writers said. Fast forward to 2013 and the Cosworth Vega has quite a loyal following. There must be something there. The Hagerty Price Guide has some pretty strong numbers too and we’ve seen worse graph curves for pricing history on more popular cars. Reader Frank B. sent us today’s Cosworth and we couldn’t help but take a second look. We love the Orange with Buckskin interior, a ’76 model year only color.



It is an all original 20,000 mile car with a known history. We don’t think this feature is going to convince you to consider buying it at the Buy It Now price of $17900. But maybe you might have a little bit more respect for it should you run across one at a show. Read more at the eBay auction by clicking here.

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  1. RdM says:

    When I was back in engineering school I remember calculating for one of my roommates that if the Vega was put on a 30 degree incline it didn’t have alot of reserve power to pull itself up the hill with a few people inside. It was a very underpowered car. I was glad to see it revived in the Jody Foster movie “Contact”, but beyond that I don’t think it will make a huge comeback.

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