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Secret Agent: ’62 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

Alfa Romeo SprintThe Alfa Romeo Giulietta (series 750 and 101) was manufactured by Alfa Romeo from 1954 to 1965. The Giulietta was introduced at the Turin Motor Show in 1954 and almost 132,000 were built in the Portello factory in Milan. The first Giulietta model was a coupe, the Giulietta Sprint, introduced in late 1954. This was followed by a sedan in spring 1955 and in mid-1955, an open two-seat Giulietta Spider. Today’s feature has a wonderfully rich history. It was imported from Italy in 1969 by a machine shop owner in Tarzana California. He worked on the Alfa at the shop along with a friend. At the time of the owner’s death, ownership fell to the friend. Along with the passing of the torch, the family learned that the deceased was actually an American Secret Agent. Really secret. Alfa Romeo Sprint intThe Alfa has never deteriorated to the point that it would require a full restoration thanks to the efforts of the 2 dedicated previous owners. It is mechanically sound with no strange noises, some typical of Alfa Romeos in distress.



The seller is one of the most reputable dealers of rare automobiles with provenance. He notes the bottom pans are a bit thin and there are some pinhole  perforations. One could leave them the way they are and enjoy the car for many years to come or the seller will replace the pans with the cost of that repair included in the asking price of $47,500. Should you decide to leave it and enjoy, the price is negotiable. We love Sprints. They make great event cars and remain a very useable car for longer, more extensive touring. The Hagerty Price Guide reflects the benefits of finding a better than average car. We have a good feeling about future Sprint values and this one will provide years of enjoyment. Read the entire story at the seller’s site by clicking here.Alfa Romeo Sprint re


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