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Community…and comments.

We are nearing the completion of our 2nd month and the response to Mint is encouraging. Our readers are just the kind of folk we hoped to attract. The kind that have an eclectic taste in interesting automobiles. If one of our readers would have won the $320 million lottery instead of Pedro (anyone have his email address?), you would have more cars than Jay Leno. Our intention is to provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to read about and consider some of the cars we find or have been submitted by other readers. So far, we have given an assist to 3 sellers in finding a home for their car. Not bad for a 2-month old –  mission accomplished.

We all love cars or why else would be reading BaT, Daily Turismo or Curbside Classic. And car lovers enjoy nothing more than talking about cars with friends. What we are a bit short on right now are Comments. They are beginning to come in but it seems like a high school dance in the 1960s – you don’t want to be the first one. Jump in, be critical of our choices or our evaluation. Tell us what you think. If we were face to face , it would come naturally.

Triumph_TR3_1960Our passion for cars probably started in our youth. Reading articles by Warren Weith, Leo Mandel and David E. were far more interesting than Shakespeare and easier to understand. Arguing about what car you take on the next Cannonball occupied an hour of conversation while tuning up your buddy’s TR-3. If that sounds even a little like you, you are among friends.

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  1. chuck says:

    Keep up the good work! M2M is like the prize in the Cracker Jack Box. I used to dump out all the carmel popcorn to get to my prize. Now I check the delete box for most of my e-mails so I can get to M2M and “window shop” for the latest “got to have” car. Also it is my daily education of old cars that I either forgot about or never knew. I also really enjoy your introduction to some of the cars. You are a true car geek and have a great way of speaking to your car geek brothers.

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