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LeMans Start and 12 Volts: ’55 Ford Fairlane Hardtop

56 Ford Fairlane

Did you know Homer Simpson’s car is pink? Didn’t know he was such a trend setter. Back in the 50s and 60s, duo and tri-color cars often had pink in the recipe. Somehow that makes them even more 50s than if it was let’s say, yellow. It might have to do with poodle skirts. In 1955 Ford introduced a new body style to keep up with sales leading Chevrolet.
Ford introduced seat belts, A/C, 12 volts and a host of different rooflines including the “basket handle” used on Crown Victoria (when Crown Vics were cool and not just police cars). 56 Ford Fairlane56 Ford FairlaneWe came across this listing courtesy of reader Dwight G. and he has a good eye. This is a very original car with mint original interior. And that leads us to the ignition on the left side like you find on a Porsche.Legend has it the left side ignition is to provide an advantage in a LeMans type start. Left ignition – right shifter. Somehow I think that is what Ford had in mind. This Ford was recommissioned after a 30 year slumber in dry storage with 35,000 miles. All the fluids changed, belts and hoses replaced and it now is said to be a good runner. If you are a fan of good running 50s Ford’s this is your Holy Grail. See more detailed pictures at the eBay auction site by clicking here.56 Ford Fairlane

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  1. Stephen Hansen says:

    Locating the ignition key to the left of the steering wheel- instead of on the right side, like most other makes- was touted as a safety feature by the salesman at Laurie Ford in Morris Plains, NJ, where my father bought our family’s new 1962 Ford Falcon Deluxe Tudor.

    “That makes it impossible for a child to reach over from the passenger’s seat and accidentally turn off the ignition while you’re driving,” the salesman said. Needless to say, this was long before the days of mandatory seatbelt and child seat usage…

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