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Be an Alfisti: ’84 Alfa Romeo GTV-6

Alfa Romeo GTV-6

Alfa was having some hard times during the development of the GTV. They wanted it to be perfect when it came to market. They get an A for effort. Like all new models, it had some quirks and most of them were resolved by 1984. Unfortunately, Porsche’s 944 was introduced at the same time so competition was tough. Today’s featured GTV-6 is a bit unusual for us. Alfa Romeo GTV-6It has an engine transplant bumping the displacement up to 3.0 liters. We like it because the engine came from a Milano Verde – one of Alfas sweetest sedans. Sports Car Market Magazine actually endorses this swap saying, “It is a joy to drive. An inexpensive way to enjoy a future collectible with superb engineering at a reasonable price.” You have to go to the listing on the Alfa Bulletin Board to see the details of the build. Impressive right down to Cibies with relays, yellow Konis, Red Top Optima Magnaflow muffler. It goes on and on. It’s not perfect. What car is? Second gear requires a traditional Alfa pause, and a few other things. But isn’t that what owning a sports car is all about? Asking $10,000 OBO. Go to the AlfaBB by clicking here.Alfa Romeo GTV-6

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