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Franco-Italiano: ’72 Citroen SM

Citroen SM

This was some kind of car back in the day. So much so, it won the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award. We know what unique cars Citroens are. That’s exactly why its fans are so passionate. And the SM is the most extreme and its fans the most passionate. We don’t mean extreme in a bad way. In fact, you have to hand it to Citroen for not caring how other car companies did things. They emulated no one. Brake pedals in regular cars? – oui. Brake pedals in Citroens? – non. They have a button shaped like a mushroom to do the job. Citroen SM inAnd the suspension…Mon Dieu! Its hydraulic, pressurized to 2000psi. That creates an image for onlookers sort of like a camel getting up from an hours nap. Again, that doesn’t mean its bad, it means it’s a Citroen. If you really want an SM, you have to find the best one. Not the best one you can afford. You can’t have a budget and buy one of these. SM by the way, means Systeme Maserati, referring to the Maserati Merak V-6 nestled in the engine room. Regular reader Alex S. sent us this one and it is one to consider. It has over $35,000 in recent receipts for repair work already done. Now you know what I mean by not having a budget. It looks great in the pictures but they don’t provide any detail at all. You wouldn’t go after any car of this caliber without a professional PPI. You’ll have to determine whether this one deserves the effort to get one done. Valuations based on recent sales means you can get these relatively inexpensively considering the level of innovation.



Sports Car Market has them as a 5-star caliber car meaning that it could outpace the market by as much as 25%. Hagerty has an average selling price at $20,000 with #2 cars going for over $30,000. Click the icon for a Hagerty report. The seller is asking $18,500. Click here for a link to the Craigslist ad.Citroen SM

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