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Fly in, drive home: ’76 Triumph TR-6

Triumph TR-6

In its lifespan, over 86,000 Triumph TR-6s were exported. Not bad for a British sports car. The TR-6 styling is much like the TR-4/TR-250. Michelotti was hired to give it a face and tail lift and their work has been universally admired. The Kamm-tail Michelotti used was a popular design trend in the ’70s. There are tons of TR-6s available everyday in the marketplace, so why did this one catch our eye? Triumph TR-6We aren’t sure if you are tired of us saying this but here goes – it is an original, low mileage car with documented history. That alone separates it from the pack.The addition of a factory hard top adds to the package. We wish it had the optional and quite rare Overdrive option, but you can’t have everything. The 2nd owner appreciates the car and has made an attempt to keep it as original as possible. The soft top is original with the reflective tape borders intact. The seats look like they need to be rebuilt although the covers look okay. All of the maintenance is up to date too making this a potential fly in, drive home purchase. We wish that scenario would really be true on occasion. Do you watch the English version of Top Gear? The 3 hosts were given a modest budget to buy 3 cars to drive from the bottom of India to the northern most points in the Himalayas. James May selected a 1972 Rolls-Royce – his colleague, Jeremy Clarkson said of the choice, “If this Rolls broke down before it left the factory, the workers wouldn’t know how to fix it.” It was the only car to complete the journey and the A/C still worked. So we have faith that one day, a fly in, drive home purchase will be a reality. We want to thank Frank K. for the heads-up on this one. There is an $18,500 Buy It Now option on the listing. SCM has a #1 car with a hard top at $23,000 with some upside potential. See the details in the eBay listing by clicking here.Triumph TR-6

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  1. chuck says:

    The TR6 is a real special car to me. I was 16 years old working for a Triumph dealer outside Washington D.C. washing cars and such. On occasion the owner would send me and his 16 year old son up to the port in Baltimore to pick up special order cars that had arrived. So I had several trips to the port to drive back a new TR6 to the dealership. To this day I’m amazed I got paid to do such a exciting thing. Even at 16, I knew the TR6 was going to be a classic and I felt like I was driving a classic car even at 003 miles on the odometer and plastic on the seats.

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