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Bandito: ’54 Lincoln Capri Tribute

Lincoln CapriThe 1954 Carrera Panamericana was the fifth and final running of the Carrera Panamaricana Mexican sports car racing event. The race was won overall by Umberto Magioli in a Ferrari 375. Ray Crawford and Enrique Iglesias won the over-3500 stock car class in a ’54 Lincoln. Now that should be part of the Lincoln Rebirth Campaign instead of a shadowy image of our dearly departed President in a stovepipe hat. We like Tribute cars. In some cases, they are easy to build and provide an enormous amount of fun. We’re building one out of our Mercedes 230S so we practice what we preach. Today’s find, submitted by Mark G., has the smallest image of what could be a really cool car. The ’54 Lincoln Capri is race ready with a built original 1954 Lincoln engine, 368 Lincoln heads, 368 4-bbl intake and Holley carb, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, power windows and the original 1954 Lincoln rear end. SIA Lincoln CapriThe car has a racing front bench seat, 5 point seat belt harnesses, a full roll cage, a 32 gallon fuel cell, electronic ignition  dual exhausts, undercarrige oil pan skip straps, plus several other open road racing upgrades. It just screams for more race graphics! We haven’t consulted the Carrera rule book, but the seller says it can qualify to run. Might be fun to have regardless. Priced at a buck under $10 grand. Read more by clicking here and if you’re interested, ask the seller for better pictures!

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