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Easter Egg Blue: ’79 Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle

You can buy a brand new Beetle Convertible with all of the bells and whistles or you could consider buying this spectacular ’79 Super Beetle with just 31,000 miles. Some people drive that far in a year. It has a nice story too. The original owner was a California college professor who obviously loved this little car. She sold the Beetle to its long-time mechanic. Volkswagen BeetleWe are not sure if the seller is that mechanic. The top was replaced but the rest of the car is as it left the factory. There is no upside to this particular offering. In fact, you’ll be paying top dollar for a gently used used car. If you happen to be a VW Club member, this will certainly get you a trophy or two in the preservation class. There is a Buy It Now at $22,900. Lots of pictures on the eBay auction listing by clicking here.Volkswagen Beetle

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