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Everyone loves a clone: ’68 Volvo 122S (GT)

Volvo 122S

Of all the Volvo 122S versions the 123GT is the most sought after. Contrary to popular thought, the GT designation did come with a host of special equipment to distinguish it from the standard model. Many of these differences are small and that is a testament to Volvo engineers in the day. They knew what it took to be a sports sedan and they made sure the GT had it all. So when it comes to cloning one of these, you have to get at least the big things right and this one seems to have accomplished that. Volvo 122S IntIt has the lights, steering wheel, tach, and badging. And it has been treated to some good quality aftermarket items like an ANSA exhaust system, Bilstein shocks and some IPD bits. And the wheels are just a perfect fit on this one. The real GT had special relays for driving lights, louder horns and faster wipers designed for better air flow those perhaps are missing but so what. We love the Volvo 122 and its handsome body influenced by American designs of the period. From what we read, this seller has done a fine job paying homage to the spirit of the 123GT. It looks really well sorted and must be a blast to drive. It is handsome in red too. We are fans. Read more at the eBay ad by clicking here.Volvo 122S re

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