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Glamour Girl: ’72 Chevy Deluxe 20

Chevrolet C20 pickup

We have an affection for pickup trucks. In the late 60s, things got interesting. Pickups became refined, handsomely styled with improved driveability, quality engineering and excellent power.  This pickup renaissance is referred to as the Glamour Pickup Era. In particular, Chevrolet pickups made the major transition from being merely utilitarian to becoming a high-styled personalized pickups. The Glamour Pickups are where collectors focus their attention. Chevrolet C20 pickupFor example, Chevrolet pickups had a lower height for easier entry and more comfortable cab interiors, more power, and more comfortable cab interiors. The Chevy C10 was very popular with its 1/2 ton rating in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive. Today’s listing, sent in to us from Bob S., is a higher capacity C20. The C20, rated at 3/4 ton, was the darling of the RV crowd and that is how this one was used before being tucked away for years. It is camper-free now and in wonderful condition. The interior and paint is in great shape and in a pleasant color. And since many of our readers tow a race or vintage car occasionally this might be just the vintage truck to do it with. It even has the proper towing mirrors permanently affixed to the doors. It is offered on eBay with a Buy It Now of $8500. If it was a 4-wheeler, we would be all over it. Check out the listing by clicking here.Chevrolet C20 pickup


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  1. Stephen Hansen says:

    I don’t know about “Glamour”, but one of my instructors at Art Center, Harry Bradley, was an ex-GM designer who delighted in relating stories about his years with the General. One such tale involved witnessing a pickup of this vintage in a frontal crash test. According to Harry, upon impact, the rear cab window detached from its weatherstripping and neatly severed the neck of the crash test dummy behind the wheel. True or false? You decide…it was a great story.

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