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Home Market: ’46 MG TC


The MG TC was the third in a series of post war MGs – the TA of 1936, and short-lived TB of 1939. The TC body was four inches wider and it was faster to boot.  The TC had the same fold-down windshield, fenders, wire wheels, and rear-mounted spare. Initially, It was right-hand drive only. The XPAG inline-four powerplant was able to coax the TC to about 75 mph – a frightening experience reserved only for the bravest. MG built 81 TCs in 1945, then another 1,600 in 1946, all for the home market. We’ve seen MG TCs before but not one of the oldest like this 1946 featured car. It has had only 3 owners in 57 years and that says something about loyalty and character. The car has its original issue number plate too.The MG was purchased by an American student studying abroad and shipped home to the States.  They kept the car for over 30 years. It was refinished in the original color and the interior was recovered around the same time. MG TCMechanically the car is said to be in excellent fettle. If a period sports car is on your list, this is one you should look at. We are not sure if the ’46 will be valued more here than a comparable ’47 so it will be interesting to follow. These cars are hugely fun to drive around town because 35 mph feels like 90. See more pictures at the eBay auction listing by clicking here.MG TC

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