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Slab is good: ’61 Lincoln Continental


Lincoln ContinentalWe’ve posted a ’64 Continental before but the details of the first year 1961 Engle design are noteworthy. So we thought we might plagiarize ourselves and repeat some history of the slab-side Lincolns. Robert McNamara is best known for his role in the Viet Nam War and as the longest serving Secretary of Defense in our country’s history.  But he is also known for playing a pivotal role in saving post-war Ford Motor Company. He briefly held the position of president before leaving Ford for government service. Okay, what does this have to do with anything? Lincoln intWell, grasshopper, the original design of what we now know as the Lincoln Continental of 1961 was to be the replacement for the Thunderbird. It was McNamara who moved it over to the Lincoln Division. Today we hear lots about the Lincoln Motor Car Company as a way to try and revive the brand, but we aren’t convinced the MKZ has the chops the slab-sided Continental had back then. The ’61 was really Engel’s design masterpiece, considered by many to be pinnacle of Lincoln style. Lincoln dashEven the dashboard was his design. This may have been the last time a single individual was responsible for the complete design of a production car. The 1961 Lincoln’s striking, understated elegance immediately won a major design award and was widely copied by other manufacturers. Today’s offering was submitted by Rick D. and it is a very special example. Much of the car is original. The seller states the Sultana White finish is presentable with a few scars from normal wear and tear. Same with the interior and we do love the green fabric accents. It has accumulated only 33,000 since new so this condition is not surprising. Mechanically, the car is in good condition with a recent rebuild of the original engine. The A/C is said to work but hasn’t been re-charged since the build. There are some easy fixes cosmetically to enhance the overall appearance like re-chroming some of the shiny bits and bumper alignments. Some of the accessories need attention but nothing that would prevent you from using the car right away. We are smitten. See many more photos on the eBay listing by clicking here.Lincoln Continental

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