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Early Muscle: ’62 Chevy Bel Air Coupe 409/360hp

Chevy Bel Air 409

They wrote songs about it. That’s the mystique of Chevy’s venerable 409. Put one of these fire breathers in the slick Bubble Top Coupe body and you have the stuff dreams were made of back in the day. Cloak all of that in black and you have this stealth bomber, Meadow Brook Concours winning, offering sent in to us by new reader, Jeff G. The bubble top either on a Chevy or Pontiac are just beautiful. Chevy  Bubble intThe greenhouse is very light and airy enhanced by thin roof pillars. This car was meant to be a street racer. There is nothing fancy about it. The dog dish wheel covers, simple red bench seat and a purposeful shifter are signs the only boxes checked were the go fast kind. And we love the Sun Tach on the column. We will not attempt to second guess the judges at Meadow Brook. They were right on. This is an important car that justified the love showered upon it. The Hagerty Guide has a range of $36 to 77,000. See the listing on eBay by clicking here.Chevy Bel Air 409

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