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Not Bruce Wayne’s: ’65 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

Alfa Romeo Giulia SS

Coachbuilders at Zagato had built a successful race car around the Alfa’s Giulietta. You would think Alfa would be dancing in the strada, but no, they wanted to build one of their own. They phoned up Nuccio Bertone and set him on the task to build a Sprint Veloce Zagato beater. Designer Franco Scaglione was given a clean sheet and he came up with the extraordinary Speciale introduced at the1957 Turin Auto Show. The SS was a four-wheeled rocket ship that owed its aerodynamic shape to the wild Bertone Aerodynamica Technica (BAT) 5, 7 and 9 experimental cars. Those cars are known as BATs hence the Bruce Wayne reference. They weren’t great race cars so they morphed into terrific touring cars and Alfa seceded the race car war to Zagato. As a collector car, these were sleepers for years. If you were smart, you recognized low production Alfas will always be worth something and bought a bunch like Apple stock at $60 bucks. Today’s find from Arthur L. is a ’65 with the 1600cc motor and a fine example it is. It has had a long term ownership by an Alfa Club member and looks wonderful. The seller doesn’t say much about the mechanicals other than it runs great in his Alfabb ad but we sense this is a good one. The asking price is a healthy $100,000 but that leaves you some room for any cosmetic needs if it is as sound as it looks. Contact the seller by visiting the AlfaBB by clicking here.Alfa Romeo Giulia SS

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