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Big Blue: ’65 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country

Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler’s 1965 redesign was a pretty bold move. The Newport lineup included a four-door sedan, a glassier town sedan, two-and four-door hardtops, a convertible, and six- and nine-passenger Town & Country station wagons. Our focus today is on one extraordinary T&C wagon. We rarely see one of this land yachts in such beautiful condition. Chrysler Town & CountryChrysler Town & CountryIt has a rather interesting adaptation of a vinyl roof treatment. Perhaps the bean counters thought covering the entire massive roof was too expensive. And hey, who could see the middle of the roof anyway? There are huge groups of classic wagon fans out there and they are not all focused on woodies and tin woodies. They like all wagons. The seller states it runs strong and the body is tight. From the pictures, you get a sense of that. The seller also states it has a 440, but our research shows that option didn’t come until ’66. So is this a ’65 or ’66? Is our research wrong? Is this the original motor? We are sure there is an explanation. All we can say is, if you have the right size garage and a love of wagons, go for it! See the listing on eBay by clicking here.Chrysler Town & Country

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  1. Gary says:

    I so have a 65 T&C that came with a 65 casting code. On the engine location pad it is stamped 440. I know ow this is not in line with the known roll out of the 440 but all numbers are matching on mine.

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