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Unsung Coupe: ’71 Mercedes-Benz 250C

Mercedes Benz 250C

Mercedes-Benz’s 250 series replaced the 220 and 230 six-cylinder models, and served as the company’s sensible sedan, with subdued design, leatherette interior, durable construction, and decent performance. Following tradition, Mercedes introduced a 2 door Coupe version to add to the line up. They built 42,000 of these compared to almost 2 million sedans. But that doesn’t seem to help the valuations. Mercedes Benz 250CThe styling of these pillarless Coupes takes a bit to get used to. They are elegant for sure but at some viewing angles, a bit awkward. The roof does follow Paul Bracqs penchant for Pagodas making this somewhat interesting. We obviously like them. This one we found is particularly nice in white. It is a former European delivery car that returned home to a charmed life in California. The current owner has sorted out some big issues so you are likely to be able to enjoy the car right away. Not sure what’s going on under the dash cover. We hope it is just a preventitive move. and not disguising a series of cracks. What an elegant way to enjoy a modestly priced, exquisitely built Mercedes Coupe.  See the details of this listing by clicking here.Mercedes Benz 250C

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  1. Brian says:

    These cars are nearly “bullet-proof” and have a wonderful simplicity about them. The speaker cover on top of the dash is very vulnerable to splitting and warping and I think they are no longer available (NLA) new (but I could be wrong as new aftermarket suppliers crop up occasionally).

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