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This one got snapped up real quick…Memories: ’56 Ford Station Wagon

Ford Station Wagon

1956 was a good year for Ford. Stylists liked the”Jet-Tube” taillights so they made them a little larger in diameter and moved a little further down the body. The Astra-Dial speedometer was retained, but it was perched on a fully redesigned instrument panel. Ford enlarged its Y-block engine to 272 cid, good for 162 horsepower in its base form or 182 horsepower with a four-barrel carburetor and dual exhaust. Also available in station wagons was the 292-cid, 198-horsepower Thunderbird V-8. Only the new little Thunderbird had a higher starting price tag than Ford’s 1955 station wagons, which topped out at $2,492 for a Country Squire with the basic V-8. Customers were flocking to Ford dealerships in record numbers to buy wagons, securing the marque’s title as the wagon master. Ford Station WagonFord Station WagonRocket back to 1956, when Mom and Dad sat around the kitchen table with an unfurled road map before them. In secrecy, they were planning a summer road trip to some of the wild west’s greatest natural wonders. The kids are going to love this, they thought. But they needed a proper car to take them on this journey and those new Ford wagons looked pretty good. Fast forward to 2013, and that very memory-laden machine is available again and we are sure it will be called upon once again to create some very special family memories. This is not one of those perfect cars where all of the stories are washed away. This is a shoebox filled with old postcards and snapshots. It has original paint, and drivetrain. Probably a too natty interior but everything inside works. The radio can probably be tuned to play some Elvis or Carl Perkins. It even has skirts. The seller rescued this one from a 30-year slumber and has made it a runner once again. Its equipped with a Thunderbird V-8 with dual exhausts but we don’t know the power rating. It should be sufficient. The Ford was built in San Jose and stayed in California its entire life. Maybe you can add some travel stickers to the window. If you cough up $8950 you might have the opportunity. See the rest of the eBay listing by clicking here.Ford Station Wagon

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