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Name it Tony: ’66 Sunbeam Tiger MK 1A


Sunbeam Tiger MK1APeople who love their cars tend to attribute a name to them. We wonder how many Sunbeam Tigers (real registered cars) are named Tony? Just thinking. We found a Tiger a few weeks ago and the interest was off the charts. There are legions of loyal followers of this car that has always been in the shadow of its fellow half-breed, the AC Cobra. Tiger engTigers are gaining respect but only the really original cars are prized. But frankly, any Tiger is going to be a hoot. A mild refresh created the MK IAs with squarer doors, a convertible boot, and better cabin ventilation. Just over 2,700 were built making them relatively rare. The seller doesn’t offer too much in his post but does mention that it comes with a desireable hard top. It has less than 50,000 miles and the asking price is a reasonable $46,500. Hagerty has #1 cars over $60,000. and good driver’s well over $40,000 so this is right in there. Check out the listing and contact information by clicking here.Tiger rear

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  1. Stephen Hansen says:

    The “mild refresh” was primarily a series of cost-saving moves: The hood and lower doors were “squared” to eliminate time-consuming metal finishing, and the previous three-piece metal convertible top boot was changed to a simpler and more conventional vinyl boot.

    By that time, though, the handwriting was on the wall; Chrysler, who had taken a majority interest in the Rootes Group in 1964, wasn’t thrilled about applying their 5 year/50,000-mile warranty to a Ford V8 (their own small-block V8 wouldn’t fit in the Tiger because of its rear-mounted distributor). That, along with the bean-counters’ desire to stop the flow of red ink, led to the Tiger’s early and unfortunate demise (along with its sibling, the Alpine) on June 30, 1967.

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