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Solid, elegant: ’86 Mercedes-Benz 560SL

Mercedes 560SL

Mercedes management decreed that all future SLs after the 280SL would be V-8s. So a long procession of R107 bodied cars began with a 450SL, then a 380SL and finally a 560SL. In the 560SL, Mercedes got it all just right, offering essentially bullet-proof reliability, great power, and elegant good looks. The 560SL combined all that Mercedes learned about the V-8 R107 chassis cars into a cultural icon that quietly and confidently told the world its occupants had “arrived.” Standard equipment included driver’s side airbag and ABS brakes. Interior improvements for the 560SL included burlwood accents, improved lateral seatback support, and a power passenger side mirror. Mercedes 560SLSo this ’86 is basically a used car with little short term upside from an investment perspective. But heck, not all cars need upside. This is a modern car built in the manner of old world craftsman. In other words, it is built like an anvil. The 560 engine is virtually indestructible if cared for. The “if cared for” applies to all Mercedes because they can be a burden to your pocket if they go south on you. This one is just beautiful and with a scant 68,000 miles, it should last the next owner decades of satisfying ownership. You can buy many 560SLs in the teens but they need to be vetted carefully. This one will go at the top of the market but you should be able to snag this for not loads of money. We would like to thank Ron W. for the lead on this one. Read more at the auction by clicking here.Mercedes 560SL

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