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Mint Sold It! In a pinch: 1969 Land Rover Series II

Land Rover Series IIWe are suckers for well-built off-roaders. We’ll look twice at a great Land Cruiser or Land Rover. And yes, occasionally a great Jeep will make us stop in our tracks. Arthur B. sent this in from Seattle and it is one nicely refurbished Series II. Land Rover Series IIIt has a Safari Roof, updated mechanicals including a newer factory supplied engine. The seller says it was imported from England but it is thankfully left-hand drive. The interior looks great and it does have a rare Searle interior conversion. The conversion allows the rear opposing seats to slide together to form a comfy place to sleep. Handy, in a pinch. There isn’t much that we would change. Only 25,000 miles since the rebuild so the new owner should have no trouble heading off into the wild. The seller is asking $24,900 and you can read the details by clicking here.

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  1. Michael Lazarus says:

    The Defender 90 (for 90″ wheelbase) had an MSRP of $24,900. They are still worth that in good condition & this example is great & well worth the $. Now that is holdin value. The Defender 110 gets a real premium though since they were limited production & individually numbered.

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