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Italian Suit: ’60 (Triumph) Italia 2000GT

Italia 2000GT

The Italia 2000 GT was produced over the period 1959 to 1963. Produced is a relative term when it comes to Italias, since something less than 300 were ever made. Unique marketing efforts in the U.S. included each original owner having to sign a contract that included among its clauses the fact that no body panels or trim pieces were available as spares! It wasn’t inexpensive having a $5000 list price, which was close to an E-type Jag or Corvette. Italia Triumph intThe dealers had their difficulty finding a home for them because the average U.S. sports car buyer didn’t exactly beat down the doors to purchase one. Some cars sat on dealer’s lots for over two years before being discounted and eventually purchased. Italias were produced by a combination of Standard-Triumph (rolling, engined chassis and components), and Vignale. The Italia was produced with the blessing of Standard-Triumph, but was not an official Triumph model. We must confess to not having seen one of these in person but we are impressed by its design. This offering is in Italy not far from where it was assembled but somehow it might be worth dragging over here. We like the story of its life as it plays out in a romantic manner. And since the seller says it is accident free, you won’t have to worry about panel replacements since they are unobtanium. The interior is pretty remarkable and we like the layout of the gauges. If you can close the deal on this sleeper at a fair



price, these are on a big upswing according to Hagerty. Check the Hagerty icon for a report but prices have risen to over $70,000 for a #1 car. Pretty heady for a Triumph in an Italian suit. We like it and you can read the details by clicking here.Italia 2000GT

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