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American Drop Top: ’66 Cadillac De Ville


Cadillac announced a new De Ville series in ’65 — now with a capital “D” —that included a convertible and pillared sedan for the first time. This full slate of new De Ville models effectively replaced the former Series 62 line. Subtly but superbly detailed, the 1965 Cadillacs utilized a new perimeter-frame chassis while retaining a 129.5-inch wheelbase. At the front, dual stacked headlamps were featured; at the rear, only a suggestion of fins remained. A more conservative frontal treatment arrived for 1966, along with variable-ratio power steering. Cadillac IntPower came from a 429 with 340 hp which was enough to move the Caddy down the road effortlessly. This offering is commanding in a not seen everyday light green metallic. It looks spectacular and the black seats look perfect. This is a very reliable car, room for 6 and absolutely beautiful. They are popular with collectors who can afford to buy the car they wanted when they were young. Hagerty has the ’66 De Ville at just over $40,000 for a #1. We haven’t seen it in person but we expect this car to be a driver quality #2. Read more at the eBay listing.



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