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Lime Rock Park: Sandy Hook Benefit Car Show

The Colonel LRP

You may not know but Mint’s headquarters is about 30 miles from Newtown, Connecticut – where Sandy Hook Elementary makes its home. So we felt compelled to support this event to raise money for the first responders and the families devastated by this tragedy. And we want to take our hats off to the folks, led by George “Spikes” Le Grice of Brockton, Massachusetts, who organized this huge car show hosted by the good people at Lime Rock Park Race Track. We attended with our Mercedes-Benz 230S and we were one of thousands of vehicles of all types. What a great turnout by our 2-wheeler brethren too. We met a gentleman, Steve H., who had just returned from the South American Rally organized by HH Rallies. It was 39 days of driving through every kind of terrain and weather in South America. He did it in his 356 Porsche. Steve said a German Industrialist with a collection valued at $300 million selected a Mercedes-Benz 230S for the rally. A very cool one indeed.HH Rally Benz 12

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