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Not every day: ’51 Mercury Woody

1951 Mercury

The styling of the Mercury Eight, when it was released in 1949, was successful in differentiating Mercury from its comparable Ford cousin. That spelled sales success. Sales figures for Mercury broke records in 1949. The Mercury Eight used full instrumentation. The 4-door station wagon was replaced with a 2-door model. 1951 MercuryThe wagon now featured an all-metal roof, its sides still consisted of wood panels. And that is what Arthur B. has sent in to us today. The seller has done a body on restoration to a car with an already solid body and floors. The woodwork was redone and looks sharp against the light blue color. It is said the rear door was created for the car in wood. The interior is from Lebaron-Bonney and they are known for good quality. The paint looks good and the abundant chrome appears to be up to the same quality level as the rest. It is a standard shift attached to a flathead V-8, a popular drivetrain . Early 1950s Mercurys are a good bet for a starter collectible, being usable daily drivers with good colors and modest proportions when compared to later years. The car’s mechanicals are straightforward, though some trim pieces can be hard to source. These are really appreciated by collectors. Hagerty has #1 cars soaring well over $100 grand. Even #3 cars are over $60 so it will be interesting to see who steps up and at what cost. Read more on eBay by clicking here.Mercury

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