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Mint Success: The Bertone X1/9

The exceptional Bertone X1/9 caused quite a stir when we listed it on Mint2Me. Well, the culmination of the sale took some time because it was a long distance transaction with a buyer who had been burned before. The seller, prince that he is, had all the patience necessary to make the buyer comfortable. We understand the buyer’s trepidation and we are happy all is well.

Dear Mint:

Larry and the X1:9Larry D. inspected this car — for about two hours — more closely than a Pebble Beach judge scrutinizes a Deusenberg.  He kept saying, “I can’t believe how clean this car is.”  I was only a bit nervous when we went to fire it up (it hadn’t started in 19 months, and my guy who stores it had forgotten that I’d asked him to do so before Larry arrived) so he could test drive it.   But after a bit of cranking to prime the fuel system, she lit right off and settled into a perfect idle instantly.  Thanks, StaBil!  His (very satisfying) test drive served as the first — and presumably last — time I would ever ride in the car’s passenger seat.  A bittersweet feeling, but clearly the car is going to a good and loving home. So he’s now on his way back to California, title in hand, and the car will follow as soon as our friends at Reliable can fit it on a westward load. Attached snapshot shows the happy new owner and his Bertone within the delightfully gritty environs of Overseas Motors, Livonia, Michigan…
Best, David S.

2 Responses to Mint Success: The Bertone X1/9

  1. Rich diMonda says:

    Great story. It always feels good when you sell a car to someone who appreciates it and will take good care of it. Sweet sorrow. You’ll recover.

  2. RobM says:

    Congratulations on your purchase! I was interested in the car, but failed to act quickly enough. It looks like you got a real gem.

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