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25% Off: ’66 Citroen ID19

Citroen ID19

We really like Citroens so it is no surprise to see one on Mint every now and then. But this one is a bit unusual. It is an ID and not a DS. The ID shared the DS’s body but was less powerful. Although it shared the engine capacity of the DS engine. The ID19 was also more traditional mechanically: it had no power steering and had conventional transmission and clutch instead of the DS’s hydraulically controlled set-up. Initially the basic ID19 was sold on the French market with a price saving of more than 25% against the DS. The ID19 followed the DS19’s example in using a punning name. While “DS” is pronounced in French as “Déesse” (goddess), “ID” is pronounced as “Idée” (idea).
Okay, so we have a low-end Citroen that looks very original in the photo but we don’t know much more. Other than the ID has been serviced by a Citroen marque expert and the owner has 3 other Citroens. The seller mentions that it is a California car but we can’t say it was purchased in California. In fact, we aren’t quite sure the ID19 was even sold in the US. Now according to the Citroen Club website, this car might actually be a 1965 model titled in 1966. It appears to have the distinctive features of the earlier cars like the single headlights. But the dual headlights might be for DS21 exclusively. If you know for sure, please post a Comment. The Club site states that finding good examples are imperative as rough ones will cost plenty of, or should we beaucoup, bucks to get right. If you have read this far, you probably already are a Citroen fan and know that. Click here for the Craigslist ad.

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  1. robert petersen says:

    BTW, I had trouble with the proportioning valve that kept the car level-the diaphram was shot and I was unable to find a replacement. As I was measuring it something about the dimensions seemed familiar but at first I couldn’t recall why. Then it dawned on me-went in the bedroom rummaging in my wife’s vanity table, she says what the heck you looking for and I told her I needed her birth control diaphram. She at first said no but I pointed out that since I had a vasectomy the year before she shouldn’t be needing it anyway and long story short, with minor adjustments the 32mm birth control device turned out to be just what the doctor ordered! I had tried rubber gloves, inner tubes and balloons with no success but this device fixed things up for another 2 years until I managed to find a replacement NOS valve complete. It just figures a French car could be repaired this way! Sorry for this little trip down memory lane, just another sign of creeping senility I reckon…

  2. robert petersen says:

    I had a ’69 ID 19 with single headlights. It was sold new by Tom Olive( maybe Oliver? long ago so I’m not sure) at his dealership in Idaho. He closed the dealership in the early 70’s and went chariot racing. He had a field with 40 or 50 Citroen’s of various makes and models as well as a barn full of NOS parts. His prices were really reasonable. I’m sure he’s dead by now-he was in his late 70’s then (1980), but the last time I drove through town I saw a number of cars still there so I suspect his son still owns the place. I sure loved mine but would love to upgrade to a 21 now that I’m older. One of the best cars ever manufactured! I couldn’t find the price on this one-is it still for sale?

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