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Grey Poupon: ’76 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40

76 Land Cruiser FJ 40

If you are tired of us saying how much we love a particular car, stop reading (although you’ll miss something cool). We are avid Toyota Land Cruiser fans and we are on our third version – the FJ80. One of our all time favorites is the Jeep-like FJ-40. They are rough and tumble bulldogs. In the darkest corners of the world and some say the most beautiful, the Land Cruiser has usurped the Land Rover as the vehicle of choice. In Oz for example, there is a huge following for the Cruiser with some of the stoutest aftermarket parts emanating from there. Hagerty has recognized the surge in vintage SUVs too. 76 Land Cruiser FJ 40Here is a snippet from their website – Once considered out of place at prominent classic vehicle auctions, vintage SUVs are rapidly gaining in popularity among collectors. During a series of collector car auctions in Scottsdale earlier this year, 11 vintage Toyota Land Cruisers sold, with the best example – a 1981 Mustard Yellow FJ-40 – selling for $88,000. While vintage Toyota Land Cruisers (202%) appear to be the fastest rising choice among vintage SUVs, other models showing significant movement include 1970s and ’80s Jeeps (93%), Ford Broncos (86%) and International Scouts (85%) from the 1960s and ’70s.

And that takes us to this offering sent in to us from Sam T.. It happens to be Mustard Yellow, one of our favorite FJ colors and it isn’t so perfect to command $88,000. But if you buy this one for $16,750 you will be Einstein compared to the bloke who bought at auction. You can tell from reading the listing that this person knows something about Land Cruisers. And we can all take a lesson about how pictures can help sell your car. The list of modifications and special equipment is impressive. We hear Salt Lake City is nice this time of year. Bid or Buy It Now for $16,750.76 Land Cruiser FJ 40

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