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Mr. Strothers’: ’60 Corvette

1960 Chevrolet Corvette

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to buy every great car you see? We know, it is shallow and selfish particularly in light of current events. But we know you are nodding your head yes. You can blame this one on Mint then. How about a 1960 Corvette that was the dealer’s demo for a few months and then sold to Mr. Strothers who kept it for 53 years. Now that is pretty neat but it isn’t the entire story. This is a dual-quad (2, 4-barrels) Corvette with 270 hp. To quote TV sales pitch man, Billy Mays, “and that’s not all!” It is a California black plate and pretty much untouched with only 48,000 miles . 1960 Chevrolet CorvetteEverything is dated coded so you know this is the real deal. We are told the interior was redone with the correct seat covers and the top has recently been replaced. The exterior color is called Sateen Silver and it is 53 year old. It is a little thin here and there and there are a few nicks. Sing the “it’s only original once” tune while you are enjoying the heck out of it. Everything inside the car is working just fine including the Wonderbar radio. We love Wonderbar radios. They are so wonderful. The chassis is remarkable with inspection marks where they are supposed to be. Cars in this rare condition are tough to value. It might look like a #3 upon inspection but somehow we don’t think it should be valued as such. The seller should be rewarded for keeping a car in this condition, don’t you think? Comment if you agree or disagree. A #1 car is $100,000 and a #3 is $48,000. What will you pay for it? The listing went to eBay and you can find it by clicking here.1960 Chevrolet Corvette

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  1. Rich diMonda says:

    OMG! And today is my birthday!

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