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Beep Beep: ’68 Plymouth Road Runner

Plymouth Satellite Hemi

In 1968 Plymouth’s new Road Runner, priced at about $2,900, broke the muscle car market wide open. It was based on a bare-bones B-body Belvedere sedan. Road Runner’s, with their cute Beep-Beep horn, came standard with a 335-horse 383 V-8, a four-speed stick and a beefed-up suspension. The 426 Hemi was a ground-pounder, both in price and power – adding 425 Hemi horses into the Road Runner and a whopping $1,000 in price. If you bought one new, kept it nice and sold it in 2007 , you made a profit of about $75,000. Plymouth Satellite HemiPlymouth Road Runner ValuationYup, in 2007, crazy money changed hands for great Road Runner Hemis. You paid on average $196,000 for a show stopper and $170,000 for a top-shelf driver. If you sold in 2009, you lost a whopping $100,000 grand. Today’s find is a fully documented, rotisserie restoration. It must have been executed well because the RR was the subject of a 4-page spread in Muscle Car Magazine. It is a plain-Jane, stripped down model with a bench seat and 4 on the floor. That’s precisely the way a musclecar should be experienced. No 8-speaker radio – who could hear anything anyway. In ’68, there were only 1,009 Hemi Road Runners and only 449 of those with a 4-speed. That makes this one pretty rare. Mind you, of the 449 cars officially built, there are probably 800 survivors. No, we aren’t that bad at math. These cars are easy to clone, so documentation is king when buying any rare muscle car. We like this one ’cause it is so bad in black and any car looks great wearing black steelies. Some people say, “where are the hub caps?” We say, “we don’t need no stinkin hub caps!” The seller is asking $65,000 grand which is probably about right. It would cost you much more to take another one to this level. We’ve included a snapshot of the Hagerty Valuation Guide on this model. We haven’t come across a drop like this in a long time. Contact the seller by clicking here.Plymouth Road Runner Hemi

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