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This is the end and then it is not: ’87 Porsche 930 Turbo

Porsche 930 Turbo

We seem to remember a road test of the Porsche Turbo performed by Danny Ongais. He liked the car but it was really scary at times and should be driven by skilled enthusiasts only. That was back during the introduction of the Porsche Turbo Carrera in 1976. It was a fast and demanding car to drive.  And Danny’s warnings were not taken seriously as many 930s were demolished, mostly caused by wicked oversteer and incompetent pilots. We were working for VW/Porsche Audi back in 1978 when Turbos were a hot commodity. The 930 was Intercooled now, pumping out serious HP. You couldn’t get one at list price anywhere. Dealers in Manhattan were clipping investment bankers another $10 grand over for the privilege. And then Porsche announced 1979 would be the end of the 930 for the USA. That is when Porsche pandemonium hit. c will be only 500 (if memory serves the writer correctly) Porsche 930 Turbos in 1979. Those 500 (?) people paid lots of money for those cars. Fast forward to 1986 and voila, the Turbo is back. Now it was tuned to meet emissions and sales returned to a brisk pace. Today’s offering is a really nicely kept, slightly modified ’87 in the ever popular Guards Red. It is owned, as all Turbos should be, by a Porsche fanatic with some skill and knowledge about the breed. That assures you of proper maintenance and record keeping – most of the time. This example has a larger intercooler and turbocharger. But nothing the innards can’t handle. All Turbos were 4-speeds and this one has been treated to a recent flush and fill. It sounds like a turnkey car that you can get in and go. Just respect the oversteer and wild ride when the boost kicks in. Check it out on eBay by clicking here.

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