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Personality: ’62 Willys Overland 4X4

Willys Overland

We will never fully understand what motivates people to be attracted to a particular vintage car. For buyers of new cars, it doesn’t really matter that much. That decision is probably based more on need and budget. With old or vintage cars, there is some siren call that helps seal the deal. Case in point – there was an article about Ralph Lauren in Vanity Fair or some other magazine of similar literary integrity. One of the best images has Mr. Lauren behind the wheel of heavily patinated Jeep in powder blue where in fact there was any powder blue paint. We know he has the keys to one of the world’s best curated collections of classic cars. But he knows when he is on the ranch he needs something different. He could afford a new Jeep or Landie D-90 painted in any custom color with exotic interiors. But he chose this tired but happy old bulldog of a Jeep. Willys OverlandAfter reading that article we immediately ordered 3 Polo shirts with that ridiculously large Polo logo on it. Kudos, Ralph. When we curate our own listings, we think like Ralph. Rick D., a frequent contributor, knows this and sent us this eBay listing. It happens to be pretty cool as is. We would do something with the wheels that seem to have unnecessary bling where there shouldn’t be any. And turn the tires around to get rid of the raised white lettering. The Jeep is said to run well, have functioning 4-wheel drive and is pretty reliable. If we bought it we would baseline everything, go through the brakes, suspension and cooling system. Probably get new tires and a set of rubber mats. Maybe new wiper blades or at least a bottle of RainEx. How far is Oregon from Connecticut? See the eBay listing by clicking here.Willys Overland

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