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Updated eBay Auction – Project 106E: ’54 Renault 4 CV

Renault 4CV

At auction again with 2 days left.  The 4CV was developed in France during the German occupation. The project, code named 106E, was kept quiet from the German stewards who wanted Renault engineers to concentrate on military vehicles. But Technical Director Fernand Picard and Charles-Edmond Serre wanted to have a small, economical car ready when the war was over. Production began in 1947 and because they used sand beige paint from the German Afrika Campaign, they were nicknamed “La motte de beurre” (the lump of butter). Renault 4CVThe 4CV with suicide doors was a great success. The handling was a bit quirky mostly due to the rear-engine position and lightening quick steering. But by 1954, the steering was reduced to 4 turns lock-to-lock making things more manageable. This offering is in fine condition with most everything working except the heater (alway an except when a seller says everything). It came stateside from Holland where it received a restoration sometime ago. It is said to be holding up well with patina setting in – inside and out. Mechanically it is said to be a strong runner that can be used daily. There is an adorable video on the auction site that is a must see. Visit the auction here on eBay.renault 4CV

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  1. Ralph DiPadova says:

    Please let me know if this car is still available Thank you

  2. Ralph DiPadova says:

    is this renault still available for sale? 305 393 6792 USA

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