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A few issues: ’67 Datsun 1600 Fairlady

Datsun FairladyWe really like these early Datsun roadsters. We remember chasing one, a red 2000, around the back roads on the Mainline of Philadelphia in our BMW 2002. Also remember our frightened passenger screaming “you are going to roll it!” We didn’t roll it and stayed right up the Datsun’s bumper the entire hair-raising ride. Now we have had a few of these that have claimed to be completely done and ready to rock. This one has issues so why would we take it on? We like the way it sits. It looks like an honest vintage Datsun albeit with somewhat more comfortable seats. So this is for someone who can tackle a gearbox rebuild and install. It should be pretty straightforward and the seller provides the parts. We think a great deal can be had and you will wind up with one of the nicer 1600s out there. Just a little sweat equity is all that is required. See the eBay listing by clicking here.

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  1. Richard diMonda says:

    Yes Michael, and that was Ed Corse’s car you were chasing and I think that I was in one car’s passenger seat or the other. Geeez………..

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