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Needs loving: ’67 Lancia Fulvia

67 Lancia Fulvia

We have yet to meet a Fulvia owner that wasn’t head over heels in love with the car. Why you ask? Well, talk to any Italian car technician and they will tell you the Lancia is far superior in engineering and detail than its countryman – the Alfa Romeo. Lancia owners understand this and hang in there battling flat valuations and little hope for upside potential. There just aren’t enough people to outstrip supply. So Lancia fans tend to be multiple Lancia owners. Why not? They have a garage filled with parts and rescue Lancias can be had cheaply. There are valuation exceptions like the jewel-like Aurelias, Coupe or soft top. The Fulvia is one of our bargain favorites. They are good handling front-drivers and quite comfortable on long trips or rallies. 67 Lancia Fulvia This one came to us from Frank. K and it looks like a nice example of an early 1.3 litre car. Understand that you’ll have to keep your foot in it constantly to keep up, but the V-4 engine likes to be whipped and sounds great doing it. The steering is nice and light – well the entire car feels joyful. You have to appreciate the way they look too. They have a real Italian flair to them that we like. Hang a few Carello round driving lights up front and go have some back road fun for little money. Before you leap, watch out for rust and brake issues on these cars. If they are solid now, you need to keep it that way. The asking price is $15,000. Reach out for the seller by clicking here.

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