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Here comes the Judge: ’52 Jaguar XK120M

Jaguar XK120

The XK120 was originally intended as a limited-production model, we call them halo cars today, for the new series of sedans powered by the same XK six-cylinder engine. Sales skyrocketed and the XK120 immediately exceeded production capacity. Jaguar replaced the alloy over ash body with an all-steel body, a change that was implemented after the first 240 cars left Jaguar’s factory. Hollywood legends fell for this starlet and Clark Gable was one of the first XK120 owners. Jaguar XK120Performance wasn’t ignored with the introduction of the Special Equipment or “M” model. This performance version used an uprated 180 horsepower engine exhausting through dual pipes. Today’s find is one of those rare and special M equipped cars. When you enter the rarified world of potential 6-figure cars, it is important to know who owns the car and how well documented it is. Check all the boxes on this one. It is being offered by a Jaguar Club of North America Judge. Boom! The car is a true M with documentation going back to the original owner residing in tony Southampton, NY. Then it touched the golden hand of the legendary Bob Grossman until 1993. Grossman passed it to the Judge or Robert as he is known to his friends. Jaguar XK120It is fully sorted and ready to create lasting memories for the next custodian. Robert has rebuilt many of the components and added electronic ignition contained in the original components to remain undetected. The suspension was rebuilt with poly bushings, a very common attempt at achieving increased feel. Personally, we stick with rubber as god intended. But that’s just us. Hagerty has #3 cars at $104,000 and Robert wants $95,000. This does not sound like a #3 car. It sounds like a #2.5 or better. If you ever considered one of these or a similar classic in this bracket, you should give Robert a call. Today. Call him today. Here is a link to his website and contact information.

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