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Pass the Salt (Flats): ’64 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

64 Gran Turismo Hawk

These are really neat cars and that is why they have been awarded Milestone Car status. The entire run of Studebaker’s personal cars was designed by Brook Stevens. And since the the last iteration of the line is the Gran Turismo, it should be considered the premier example of the Hawks. 64 Gran Turismo HawkWe think it deserves that honor. Add to the restrained, classic design is a bit of performance history courtesy of Andy Granatelli.  Andy was president of Studebaker’s Paxton Products Division, makers of superchargers and other devices. He took 2 Hawks off the line and stuffed Paxton-built engines, one car was Supercharged and one with only a 4-barrel carburetor,  and took them to the Salt Flats.  The Supercharged car went 157.29 mph and the 4-barrel car achieved 147.86. Not too shabby. Todays find submitted by Frank K. is pretty astounding. It is an original 69,000 mile car with all the right goodies. It was custom built for Perry & De De and they did a nice job in selecting the options. It is a 289 car with a 4-speed transmission. It has A/C, wire wheels and a Continental Kit. The black paint looks great in the photos and the red interior is just the way you want it. And there is room for 4! Hagerty has a #2 Hawk at $36,900 and we don’t know if this original car is up to that grade. But the fact that it is original may compensate and add some value. It is an eBay auction that you can visit by clicking here.64 Gran Turismo Hawk

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