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Fifty shades of grey: ’55 Jaguar XK140 FHC

55 Jaguar XK140

The XK140 replaced the spectacular XK120 in 1954. Thankfully, the new car followed the previous model with just enough modifications to be worth the effort yet maintain the voluptuous lines that has made this car such a classic. Exterior changes that distinguished it from the XK120 included more substantial front and rear bumpers with overriders, and flashing turn signals located above the front bumper. The interior was made more comfortable for taller drivers by moving the engine, firewall and dash forward to give 3 inches more leg room. 55 Jaguar XK14055 Jaguar XK140The weight went up slightly, but so did the power of the 3.4-liter, twin cam six, which was up to 190 horsepower in standard trim. As a result, performance remained on a par with its predecessor. The uprated engine was mated to the same four-speed manual unit used in the XK120, although overdrive was now available. The Fixed Head Coupé (FHC) shared the DHC’s interior trim and rear seat. The windscreen was mounted further forward, which gave more interior space than in the DHC. Today’s submission from Arthur B. is a 44,500 mile, (one shade of ) Pearl Grey FHC with lovely red leather interior. It is certified by The Jaguar Heritage Trust attesting to the correct numbers and color/trim when it left the factory. It had a body-on refresh 4 years ago that is said to be holding up well. We absolutely love FHC Jaguars and this one is in a really great color combination. Hagerty has a #1 at $115,000 but a #2 car in the $70s. Quite a spread. From the pictures, this could be a #2 but one won’t know for sure if there might be a decimal required to properly ascertain the valuation. See the auction on eBay by clicking here.55 Jaguar XK140

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