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La Musica: ’86 Alfa Romeo GTV6

86 Alfa Romeo GTV 6

Motor magazines have quoted the Busso V-6 engine as one of the best sounding engines ever. The British Classic & Sportscar noted it as “The best sounding engine, this side of a Maserati V8”. If you’ve ever heard one at full chat, it is a very cool sound. We really like these Alfas after years of not really liking the way they look. But the Giugiaro design is now appreciated and has become pretty neat to look at.

Alfa ROMEO GTV 6If you look carefully, you’ll notice some details that were first deployed in the Montreal like the scallops over the headlights and the tail light cluster. Today’s offering came from fellow Alfa Club member Paul V. and we think it represents a pretty good buy. It’s a low mileage, rust free example in a very Alfa color combination. The interior is pretty good with only a few areas that need attention. Paul purchased the car in New Mexico 5-years ago and has driven it a few thousand miles. He’s done some of the heavy stuff like a timing belt/tensioner and those guibos. It still needs a few little things and 2nd gear synchro is just a little pokey (aren’t they all?). Check with Paul by visiting his ad by clicking here.86 Alfa Romeo GTV 6

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    Is the car available?

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