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1950 SUV: ’50 Chrysler Traveler

Chrysler Traveler 1950

We couldn’t find out too much about this particular model Chrysler so we can assume the seller’s clam that it is rare is in fact true. Maybe it isn’t a model and more of an option. Perhaps some of our readers can set us straight. But it is Mint-worthy for sure. It is a 1950 Chrysler Traveler 6 passenger touring sedan. Chrysler Traveler 1950Chrysler Traveler 1950We love the two-tone Catalina Tan and Rossini Brown a Town and Country roof rack. The Traveler was definitely a vacation and family utility vehicle, but with tons of chrome, swooping graceful lines. It even has grained alligator hide interior, mostly original and a six cylinder Spitfire engine with a Prestomatic Fluid Drive transmission. The car’s body is appears straight with excellent panel fit and consistent factory gaps. The chrome is in excellent condition, free of pitting, dings or other imperfections and all of the glass is in great original condition. The roof rack been redone and has impeccable chrome and wood inserts. The dash is very cool and contemporary to the 50’s with sleek lines, a beautiful original clock and radio, instrument cluster and steering wheel. The seller, Goodman-Reed seems to find the best cars. This one is sure is one of them. Contact the seller by clicking here.Chrysler Traveler 1950

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