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Bush Taxi: ’79 Peugeot 504

79 Peugeot 504

Peugeot’s flagship, the 504 made its public debut on 12 September 1968 at the Paris Auto Show. The press launch which had been scheduled for June 1968 deferred by three months, and production got off to a similarly delayed start because of political discord which exploded across France in May 1968. It is a tough sedan and had great success as a competitive rally car back in the day. 79 Peugeot 50479 Peugeot 504The Peugeot 504 is also one of the most common vehicles employed as a bush taxi in Africa. That further validates why 3 million 504s were built by the end of the model run in 1983. We must confess, we’ve been looking for a 504 to offer here on Mint for a few months. It seems none of our contributors nor our staff were able to find a nice one until today. This manual transmission car is in really nice condition with one “high-quality” re-paint several years ago. Some other good highlights – non-smoker, all manuals and paperwork, authorized Peugeot serviced and a recent mechanical refreshing. Sounds like a turn-key you can begin work modifying for long distance rallies. What else would you do with it? Thanks Arthur B. for sending this one. Go to the eBay auction by clicking here.79 Peugeot 504

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  1. David Scheinberg says:

    My father owned a string of Peugeots — a 403, a 404, and two 504s (a ’71 and a ’77). The 504s were terrific, indestructible cars. Spectacular long-distance comfort, and surprising agility. Their 4-speed transmission was, it turned out, the perfect box for a young driver to learn clutch-less shifting on.

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