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E-day: ’59 Edsel Villager Station Wagon

59 Edsel Villager

The Edsel’s historic failure is the stuff of legend. The launch was a joke but it didn’t have to be. The car wasn’t a bad design although the styling was a bit quirky. The planning, marketing and the economy played a more significant role at the dismal and embarrassing failure. This isn’t an article about the failure but in short, experts say these are the reasons for the colossal failure:

1. Ford wanted a separate division but didn’t have separate factories. Cars were poorly assembled by proud Ford workers that resented the Edsel from the start. 2. The hype was huge and in the end the product didn’t deliver on the hype. 3. Product problems and lack of technical training to repair them. 4. The economy was in recession and they launched Edsel with the most expensive models and some delivered without key parts.

59 Edsel VillagerIsn’t that interesting? This offering, a red 6-passenger Villager Wagon makes quite a statement. The Villager was initially built on a 116 inch wheelbase shared with Ford’s station wagons, and shared Ford’s wagon core body stampings. The Villager and the Ranger were the only two model names that existed throughout the Edsel’s three-year life span as an automobile marque. The Villager represented the lower trim level available within the Edsel brand for station wagons. Villagers are pretty rare and the 1960 9-passenger is the rarest of the rare with only 59 built. Back to the offering. It is a nice car with what appears to be a decent refresh. It has the original 332 V8 and Mile-O-Matic transmission. Fortunately they have all been rebuilt. This is an interesting car and if you are inclined to bid or follow the auction you can click here. 59 Edsel Villager


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  1. Richard diMonda says:

    My dad had one and one day it wouldn’t go backwards. I was only 15 when we got rid of it. What a mistake. Beautiful car.

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