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No heat: ’69 Jaguar XKE OTS

69 Jaguar XKE

We will be upfront with you. Collectors and Jaguar purists prefer the earlier Series 1 and Series 1.5 Jaguar XKEs. They were the purest expression of the design and is clearly recognized has one of the most beautiful cars ever built. The Series 2 cars were burdened by changes that were necessary and Jaguar would have preferred to leave things alone. '69 Jaguar XKEHallmarks of Series 2 cars are open headlights without glass covers, a wrap-around rear bumper, re-positioned and larger front indicators and tail lights below the bumpers, better cooling aided by an enlarged “mouth” and twin electric fans, and uprated brakes. The engine is easily identified visually by the change from smooth polished cam covers to a more industrial “ribbed” appearance. It was de-tuned in the US with twin Strombergs and larger valve clearances. The interior and dashboard were also redesigned; rocker switches that met US health and safety regulations were substituted for toggle switches. With all that said, even Series 2 Jaguars are getting pricey in the right condition. Today’s E-Type is an original 55,000 mile car in a very nice Fawn Beige color with tan leather interior. It is said to be an original car with a few cosmetic issues. The small dent near the headlight might be an easy fix if the paint isn’t broken. Same for the door dings. The awful tires need to go right away too. The seller states the heating system has vanished and since the car is never driven in cold weather, why bother. We think the car should be complete and everything should work. So we would find what is needed, repair the tach and clock while we are at it. Then we’ll have a nice car that will only continue to rise in value. The seller is asking $84,500 and we think he is way ahead of the market. But it is worth a phone call if you are interested in getting a nice orignal XKE. Click here for the seller’s contact information.'69 Jaguar XKE

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